Top 5 Reasons to Join the Agents For Hope movement

Agents For Hope (AFH) is an organization dedicated to helping agents and helping children. AFH understands that the insurance world can be hard to navigate. With consistent rate increases and laws always changing, clients can often think the agent is the one to blame. Therefore, AFH is dedicated to helping agents. By providing access to educational tools, competitive carrier compensation, a network of other independent agents to share learning with, and professional training from top national carriers, Agents For Hope continues to go one step further.

In addition to helping agents, AFH also helps children. Children are one of the most vulnerable sector of people in the world but they are not overlooked by Agents For Hope. Twenty percent of all Agent For Hope profits is donated to helping children’s charities to provide a variety of needs for children’s: access to healthcare, clean water, safety and more.

Between helping agents and helping children, there is no reason agents wouldn’t want to join the Agents For Hope movement. Below are the top 5 reasons to join Agents For Hope.

1. Taking Care of Agents

Caring for agents is one of the two core elements of Agents For Hope. AFH wants to ensure that through the tough waters of health insurance, agents aren’t alone. That’s why AFH has built in different ways that they can help take care of agents.

First, Agents For Hope gives agents the ability to earn competitive compensation. On average, agents experience a 30% increase in compensation by being affiliated with AFH. Many people ask how this is done; essentially the organization leverages the volume of agents to secure better compensation for agents.

In addition to better compensation for many individual health plans, AFH also provides access to a national network of industry experts to learn with. Within that network are lead executives at top national insurance companies. By joining Agents For Hope, one gets the ability to learn from other top industry professionals and take their business to the next level.

2. Changes in Short Term Policies Will Create opportunities

The short-term medical game is changing, and to the market's benefit. With recent updates to the health insurance laws, short-term medical is gaining popularity. Previously, the policies could only be writing for up to 90 days. Updated changes now allow policies to go as long as 364 days, with two renewals. This allows agents to offer more choice, and it allows clients to explore affordable coverage options.

With these changes, the Congressional Budget Office estimates an additional 2 million individuals will enroll in short-term medical plans with the new short-term medical rulings. There is no doubt that the added benefit of longer short-term plans will draw in new clients and open up more doors for the insurance industry. In return, joining Agents For Hope has the ability to help agents increase their earnings.

To find out more about these changes, check out our article outlining the benefits.

3. Your Business, Your Books

The life of an insurance agent is all about security by nurturing clients to ensure a strong relationship and continued service. AFH recognizes that, and that is why your business is your book. When joining Agents For Hope you do not have to sign over your book to a larger company or MGA. Instead, you keep all your current and future clients. Therefore, nothing changes on the agent’s end for business – just keep serving your clients and you’ll keep earning.

This is a huge benefit because you are able to continue to build your business with security.

4. No Assignment of Commissions

Often times agents are required to complete an Assignment of Commissions (AOC). An AOC means that the agent is directing (assigning) their commissions to someone else. This often happens when an agent joins an MGA or an agency.

With Agents For Hope, commissions will come straight from the carrier to you or the local agency you work for. Therefore, there is no assignment of commissions. Agents can be assured that their commissions checks will come accurately and timely from the carrier as AFH is not a third party administering them.

5. Greater MissionEveryone wants a purpose in life, and naturally insurance agents love serving their customers and the communities they live in. Therefore, AFH hopes to bring more purpose to the insurance industry. Having the ability to help provide individuals and families with health coverage is so important, but AFH found a way to take it one step further. Built into their mission, Agents For Hope aims to serve children in need.

Current AFH is in a pilot partnership with Camp Camby, a local transitional housing facility. Agents For Hope is providing vocational training and skills to residents at the camp through hands-on experience. This has been a rewarding experience for all, as the participants are learning new skills while doing their part to help increase giving to great children's charities.

Joining Agents For Hope

If you are interested in joining Agents For Hope, check out the website to find out more information. When you are ready to join this amazing movement, fill out this simple form to get started.

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