UnitedHealthcare Webinar

Learn about new products from UnitedHealthcare and how you can better serve your clients better.

Serve Clients Better

Learn how these new products will help you serve your clients better by offering the new plans that may fit their needs.

New Products

Learn about new products - including UnitedHealthcare's Tri-Term plans that provide 3 years of coverage.

Presented by Industry Experts

Learn from industry experts, Justin Clements from Agents for Hope and Evan Altman from UnitedHealthcare.

Industry Experts

Justin Clements

Founder, Agents for Hope

As founder of Agents for Hope, Justin Clements seeks to help agents target small business owners with innovative solutions. 

Evan Altman

UnitedHealthone Health Broker Sales Executive

Since 2008, Evan has worked for UnitedHealthcare. He is from Indianapolis and graduated from Hanover College. He lives with his wife and two children, and is a die-hard Cubs fan!